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  Premium Dry Cleaning and Laundering
Our combination of advanced dry cleaning and laundry technologies, modern well-maintained equipment, decades of experience, and meticulous attention to detail to bring you the best service. We carefully check the care labels of your garments and use the dry cleaning or laundering process that will produce the best cleaning results. We will also clean your garments by hand when needed. After dry cleaning, laundering, or hand cleaning your garment, we again carefully follow the care label's instructions to finish it in the proper manner, drying it and pressing it as needed. We pay special attention to details like collars, pleats, seams, and cuffs to ensure they are finished the way you like. We check each garment for stains and damage, and our expert stain specialists are able to remove most of even the most difficult stains. Should there be any broken or missing buttons on your laundered shirts, we sew on new ones, and we also repair minor damage like loose buttons and fasteners and open seams. If there are any stains or damaged areas that we cannot remove or repair, we attach a label to the garment to inform you of the reason.


Suede and Leather Cleaning
Your investment in leather and suede doesn't stop after your purchase. Specialized care and cleaning will always be required to maintain the appearance and extend the life of your valuable garments. We carefully inspect the condition of your suede and leather garments by checking for stains and damage to determine the safest method of treating and cleaning them. We recommend cleaning all leather garments as soon as any stains are noticed or directly after the season has ended. This allows you to store the garments in good condition and ensure they look beautiful for the next season.

  Stain Removal
We believe we have the best stain removal technologies, methods, and specialists in the Nashville and Brentwood area. With decades of combined experience, we can remove most of even the worst stains without damaging your garment.

Alterations and Repairs
Too big, too small, too tight, too long, or too short? Bring it to us. Whether it's a slight adjustment or a major repair, top-quality equipment and materials and decades of combined experience allow our experts to make it right for you every time. Types of alterations and repairs that we provide include. Hemming of dresses, skirts, and pants Letting out and taking in of dresses, skirts, and pants Replacing buttons, fasteners, and zippers
Repairing fabric tears
Patching jacket elbows
Repairing and altering leather jackets and pants
Repairing quilts

  Household Item Care
Our expertise in household cleaning extends to quilts, bedspreads, duvet covers, down, draperies, comforters and table linens.

Ugg Boots
Your Uggs treat your feet with TLC but have you thought of doing something for them lately? Let us give your Uggs the care they deserve. With regular cleaning they will look better, feel fresher and last longer. We offer specialized cleaning services for any style and size including complete inside and outside cleaning, color restoration, stain removal, water-proofing, seam and tear repairs and zipper replacement. Get those Uggs to us now before they get ugly!

  Wedding Gown Preservation
We are proud to specialize in Wedding Gown Preservation. Proper cleaning and preservation of your wedding gown will assure you that you are able to preserve your gown for years to come. We not only work to properly clean and preserve your dress but ensure that you are able to treasure this heirloom. You can rest assured that your wedding gown is in safe hands.


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Ever have some dry cleaning to do but don’ t feel like getting out of the car? We understand! We offer drive thru service for your convenience! This service is available during regular store hours.